New Season = New Theme

I have done nothing with this blog in months due to flat out laziness.  I was surprised to find out that I’m still getting some hits on this thing when I logged in the other day.  The other theme I was running was a wordpress special and this one is as well.  I would love to make my own original theme but my CSS, graphics and creativity skills are just not there.  Thanks to all that stopped by last season.  I will try to adhere to my usual bi-monthly post…GO CAVS….and GO BROWNS.


The Cavs Better Get Rolling

Well I guess I’m the fool. I didn’t think the Cavs were going to get swept in the Finals. After beating the Spurs twice in the regular season, I thought the Cavs would put up a better fight than they did. The Cavs obvious weaknesses (er..offense) were on display for the world to see. Which is why this summer was supposed to be crucial for Cavs to get a real point guard. The Cavs struck out on getting Mike Bibby and his fat contract. After Bibby there’s not much left on the scrap heap. Brevin Knight and Earl Boykins are available and would look nice on the Cavs. But for whatever reason, Ferry isn’t interested.

KG in Boston

With Garnett and Ray Allen in Boston, it immediately makes Boston one of the best teams in the East. I’m not sure who Ainge is going to fill the rest of the roster with after he traded away half the team. He won’t need much with these three guys. Ray Allen will probably be injured for at least half the season which will leave the Celtics with the four seed.


Let the Finals Begin!!??

After watching this team during the season, I never thought that they would ever make it the finals. The Cavs at certain points this year were just painful to watch. There was much said this year about the Cavs pathetic offense.  I give Mike Brown a ton of credit for making these guys play defense. This is why this team has made it to this point. LeBron has just been a man during the playoffs carrying the rest of the boys on his young shoulders. Cavs fans need to watch and savor these finals because they may never make here again.

The Infamous Dee-Troit Series

Finally, the most overrated team in the world is going home. I don’t know why all these loser sports writers and ESPN flunkies didn’t give the Cavs a chance. Did they not watch the series last year? I guess they thought adding burned out Chris Webber would just make them unstoppable. I heard many times over the series that Detroit is playing bad that’s why they are losing these games. No one gave the Cavs credit for playing good defense. Detroit fans and all these loser sportscasters need to realize that Detriot is just not that good. The media has overhyped these guys so much that it went to their heads. The Cavs in my opinion aren’t that good either but they found a way to get it done. If Rasheed would have kept his cool during some of those games they would have been in the finals.

Bill Simmons is a Fool

More from the ESPN lackies. I logged on to the ESPN website today to find a link on the main page that said “Anyone who thinks the Cavs have a chance is a fool”. As of 10:20 pm Thursday night, the link has been removed. This guy makes it sound like the Cavs should not even show up for the game. I hope every player on the Cavs read this loser column so they can get even more motivated to put another overrated team to rest. If the Cavs win this series I can’t wait to hear the excuses from this “fool”

ABC’s Coverage

Kudos to ABC for rolling out the worst analyst trio for the Finals. Mike “and the faaawol” Breen is ok. But Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are awful. Where the hell is Hubie Brown?


Cavs Blog arises from the DEAD – Part 2

I haven’t blogged about the Cavs in over two months so I figured I should get my ass in gear since the playoffs are upon us. Here are some random comments about what lies ahead:

Cavs get lucky with the second seed

The stars aligned last night as the Bulls lost to the Nets and Cavs beat the Bucks. The Cavs seem to have finally awaken from their slumber and are now starting to hustle and look interested. A date with Miami and Detroit in the upper bracket was going to spell doom for the Cavs. I still think the Cavs could have given Detroit and Miami a run for their money but getting to the conference finals would have been tough. Shaq is just playing at different level right now. The Cavs cannot afford to lose focus against the banged up Wizards even though they probably will. The lower bracket gives the Cavs a legitimate shot at getting the conference finals.

The Cavs pathetic offense Part 938

I could have wrote on this blog all season about how pathetic King Brown’s motion offense has been. I decided not to since this topic has been mentioned by every sportswriter, sportcaster, sportsanchor, sportstalkshowhost, etc. aaaalllll season long. There are some rumors floating around that LeBron is just not happy with Mike Brown. It’s obvious during a timeout when Brown is trying to diagram one of his masterful inbounds plays, no one in the huddle seems to watch what he is diagramming or listen to what he is saying. Most of the time the guys are walking away and he is still scribbling on his board. I think he has lost the respect of some of the players with his screwed up rotations any questionable schemes. Is anybody out there old enough to remember Damon Jones?

I hate to say it, but sometimes LeBron is the problem on offense. How many games did we lose this season because LeBron was jacking up three’s late in games when he should have been driving to the hole and getting to the line. Starting Sasha has given the offense a definite boost. There seems to be alot less of LeBron standing on the sidelines jab stepping for 15 seconds and then jacking up a shot. The Cavs at points during the season were just painful to watch. One of the local radio stations in Cleveland recently interview Tim Legler and he said the same thing. Bill Walton said that even he could initiate the Cavs offense in his old age and two fused ankles. I’m still trying to figure out how they won 50 games this season. Enough about this crap. Let’s hope this changes or the Cavs are done.


My All-Star Weekend Analysis

Friday Night

Yeah…I actually sat and watched some of the lame celebrity game. I guess I wanted to see how Reggie Bush and LT would play. Bush shot and made a three which went about 30 feet in the air. He ended up twisting his ankle later in the game. That would have sucked for the Saints if it was serious.

Is there anybody this world that is less hip than ESPN supergeek Jim Gray? Every time this guy does sideline reporting for a game I just cringe. This guy needs to be interviewing 50 year old bowlers not 25 year old millionaires.

Saturday Night

I was going to write a blog post predicting that Damon Jones would bomb. He lobbied to get into the three point shootout saying that he’s the best shooter in the universe. Sure enough I was right, he did bomb. Former Cav Jason Kapono is a shooting machine. He is in an absolute zone right now shooting 50%+ from downtown. He will be in this competition every year if he stays healthy and gets consistent playing time.

The dunk contest needs to change. I always look forward to the dunk contest every year but they need to gets some kids in there that seem interested. I think Gerald Green could have come up with some better stuff even though he did win. Tyrus Thomas was there going through the motions. Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard are freaks of nature. It’s always fun to see the little guy try to dunk but the little guys can only do so much. At 5′-9″ I give the kid a ton of credit for competing in a dunk contest. Dwight Howard is just a beast. The sticker on the backboard dunk was a classic. He got robbed on the score but that one was creative and funny.

The All-Star Game

Is there anyone is this world that is more pulled back than Wayne Newton? I guess I’m to young to know why this guy is even famous. Watching him belt out Viva Las Vegas with that plastic tan face and those nuclear white teeth was just frightening. The game was nothing exciting in my opinion. At one point Shaq tried to play point guard which was hilarious.


Cavs players questioning lame offense

It’s about time. LeBron was man enough recently to step up and say what’s wrong with this team. You can see his comments here. LeBron thinks that Cavs need to get out and run. I couldn’t agree more, but there is one problem. I haven’t seen that Cavs run an efficient fast break all season, especially when Snow is in the driver’s seat. LeBron said in the article above that he has had about two lobs all season. One of them came Sunday against Detroit. The Cavs only run an efficient fast break when LeBron is at the point. That’s a problem because LeBron needs to be finishing.

Mike Brown has said that you can’t make major changes to the offensive scheme only tweaks. The offense needs a major tweak because it sucks. This motion offense, King Brown implemented back during training camp, seems to come and go. The Cavs looked good last week against the Warriors without LeBron. The ball was moving and everyone was scoring. I just don’t understand why this doesn’t happen every game.


Guard Barbosa

The contest against Phoenix on Sunday was definitely entertaining until Leandro Barbosa started bombing away.  This guy could not miss and single handedly won the game for Phoenix.  The Cavs for some reason kept getting mismatches in the post defensively against the Suns and Mike Brown didn’t make any adjustments. I do give Mike Brown credit for leaving Z and Snow on the bench.  Those two are just too slow for the Suns run and gun. 

The Suns are just at a different level than any other team in the league right now.  D’Antoni is an offensive mastermind.  Anything a team throws at them, they can beat it.  If these guys don’t go all the way, I will be surprised.  The Cavs have a long way to go to compete with this team.

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